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Successful entrepreneurs will tell you overcoming challenges to grow their passion into a thriving business is not easy. Most will also say they didn't do it alone. Chances are, many of their choices and successes were molded by a mentor(s) who provided them with valuable guidance and insight.

IBIS offers you the network of experienced entrepreneurs to mentor you to attain a healthy, successful business. We help you navigate and structure your business from top to bottom, inside and out! We work with you to develop strategies for the logistics, marketing and financial areas of your business. We also help you identify, build and protect your brand. Additionally, we create operational processes to increase your business performance.

Our combination of experience and expansive knowledge offers you the support you need to tackle any challenge or obstacle your business may face. We customize our mentoring and coaching service to meet your specific needs, not the other way around. By identifying the unique pain points of your business, we can offer powerful solutions to help your business outperform competitors and to reach its full potential.

Our mentoring services include :

  • Business planning and guidance.
  • Operations management planning.
  • Marketing, branding and trade marking guidance.
  • Defining organization mission, vision and goals.
  • Sales performance improvement.
  • Financial planning.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation planning.
  • Leadership training and strength assessment.
  • Team building and development.