Xtreme Healthy Lifestyle

"Getting Healthy and Burning Fat Couldn't be any Easier"

The second company we are launching is 100% owned by IBIS. This new company, Xtreme Healthy Life Styles, will take IBIS into the health and wellness division of our company. This web-based online platform store front will address the $64 Billion Dollar "Weight Loss Industry" directly to the consumer with extremely low overhead starting with the "World's Only Fat-Burning Coffee and Tea", instead of "Brick and Mortar Its Click and Order". Mr. Babcock is partnered up with long-time business associate Dr. Ann de Wees Allen, the head of Skinny Science Foundation and the Chief of Bio Medical Research. Mr. Babcock already has an incredible track record working with Dr. Allen that began in 2007. The previous company that he Co-Owned and Co-Founded literally started off at his dining room table bringing over 60 million in gross sales. They were able to establish over 80k customers throughout the U.S.

As the President of the IBIS Medical Advisory board Dr. Allen is a leading Clinical & Medical Researcher, conducting cutting edge research in the fields of the Glycemic Index, Brain Glycemic Indexing™, Neural Nutrition, Switch the Brain, Switch the Game™, Thermogenesis, Obesity, Childhood Obesity, Key Codes to Adipose Tissue Fat Cells, Sickle Cell Disease, Metabolic Medicine, Growth Hormone, Anti-Aging, L-Arginine, Human Sports Performance, and Food Addictions.

Leading our new Sports Advisory board is Jeff Krushell, the founder of Krush performance Sports Performance Advisory Board. Jeff is an Athlete Performance Specialist & Manager that has forged relationships with athletes, Olympians and internationally renowned sport elitists; coaches, sport scientists, doctors and researchers and Jeff is also the Current Strength and Conditioning Consultant for Major League Baseball International and the Former Strength and Conditioning coach for the Toronto Blue Jays

Leading our new Medical Advisory board is Dr. Johnny Di Blasi, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences to his advisory role as a member of IBIS's Advisory Board. He is currently the Medical Director and Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon for My MD Solutions, LLC and Healthogenics, LLC .

To take Xtreme Healthy Life Styles in to the history books.

IBIS has signed a "25 year distribution license agreement" We are excited to be able to work with Dr. Allen again and have set our financial goal projections to exceed 8 million in the first 3 years.