Our Partnerships

Our Goal is to do The Finest Job Building
a World Class Solution for our Client's and Investor's Needs

Whether your next success milestone is $1M profit, $10M profit, or beyond, getting your company to the next threshold of success doesn't happen by accident. It happens when innovation meets a powerhouse of experience and collaboration.

Unlike other partnership and consulting firms, we see the value in collaborative innovation. We're not interested in steamrolling over your ideas and efforts, we believe in working together with our partners to form an alliance of unique and powerful decisions and actions that yield tangible results.

"We take all of the pain points out of emerging business so that our partners can focus on making their vision a profitable reality" says Founder/President/CEO Michael Babcock

IBIS recognizes the growing importance and role emerging business play in the global market.

We work with our partner to ensure the sustainability and long-term business success.

We help our partners understand business implications, opportunities, and risk to make impacting business decision and improve their business performance. We help trigger action that gives our partners a competitive and sustainable advantage.

We have already partnered with companies from a wide range of industries, from medical devices industry, to the health and wellness industry, to the automotive, to the energy efficiency industry.

Below are just a few of our diverse community of partners who are already on their path to great success!

Funded Projects

Meet our Selected group of Inspired Entrepreneurs and
Companies that we have Chosen to form Partnerships with in 2016

Pelvic Pain Solutions

Our first is Partnership with "Pelvic Pain Solutions" addresses the Global Endometriosis Market will that will reach $1.3 Billion by 2017. Endometriosis is a painful, debilitating disorder that affects nearly 176 million women and girls.... see more

Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles

Our second company we are launching is 100% owned by IBIS "Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles." This web based online platform store front marketing direct to the consumer and will address the 64 Billion Dollar Weight Loss Industry. ... see more

Sun Flare Technology

Our third company that we have partnered with is "Sun Flare Technology". This new company will take IBIS into the world of the LED lighting Technology market. This industry is anticipated to grow 45% per year ... ... see more

SeMy Garage

Our Fourth Company that we have partnered with is "SemyGarage". This new company will take IBIS into the World of Automotive Aftermarket with addressable market to hit 85.5 billion by 2016 in North America alone. ... see more