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At IBIS, an integral part of what and who we are is formed by the long-lasting partnerships we forge with our customers. We know the many challenges of launching and growing a business. Our team of experts, not only share the entrepreneurial spirit that each of our customers possess in spades, they have the knowledge, skills, and talent to face these challenges head on because each has experienced these challenges first hand and has discovered the successful solution to move beyond them. We believe in encouraging our customers and collaboratively discovering the powerful solution that ultimately will help shape the future success of their business. We help our customer identify areas of improvement within their existing business frameworks and collectively discover options available to help catapult their businesses to the next success milestone and beyond.

Our mission is to partner with emerging businesses and help them realize their full potential. Using our team of diverse experts and their highly innovative, comprehensive, and integrated approach to operational, finance, marketing, and sales challenges, we cultivate a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and passion for excellence while delivering a competitive market advantage to help our customers succeed and grow.

We strive to be one of the world's leading partnership firms to provide emerging businesses with innovative solutions for fast paced market penetration and growth through our dedication for hiring highly skilled creative individuals, encouraging a collaborative culture of diversity and inspiration, and a commitment to our core values.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence: To always encourage and deliver the best of ourselves and our partners.

Unbound Tenacity and Drive: To get the job done right and on time, no matter the challenge.

Courage for Innovative Thought and Creativity: To explore unique, out-of-the-box opportunities, ideas, and concepts.

Commitment to Integrity: To never compromise our quality of service, ethical standards and always lead with trustworthy behavior and decisions.

Our Executive Team
Innovative Business Investment Solutions

Michael Babcock

President and CEO

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a humble beginning, raw passion for building something great out of nothing, and a relentless drive to push beyond the challenging moments to turn a dream into reality.

Destined to be his own boss, early on in his life Michael Babcock embodied the entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by the engineering, beauty, and sleek lines of sports cars, Michael saw an opportunity to become a business owner. As President/CEO of Anywhere Automotive he has spent 30 years' building a successful shop and career as a ASE certified master technician, managing the day-to-day business negotiations, marketing to new clients, tracking inventory, and managing employees while increasing sales to over $500,000 in annual income.

As a true entrepreneur, Michael has always been open to new technologies and opportunities. It is not surprising that as he continued to see his automotive company succeed he also found the passion and drive to explore a lucrative opportunity in the telecommunications industry, with a company called ACN. It was here that he learned and polished his skills in generating business, closing sales, public speaking, negotiating, managing and training. It wasn't long after he started that he became the #1 top producer in the company and was promoted to Regional Vice President. ACN was one of the fastest growing, privately held companies in the U.S. at that time. Michael was responsible for training over 6,000 people capturing 85,000 customers and earning $18 million in revenue for the company in less than 24 months. He was also responsible for managing and developing people to grow new markets in the U.S. and Canada, working on presentations, speaking engagements and coordinating business/sales event.

In his next venture, as co-founder/Vice President and Director of Marketing/Sales of Boresha International, Michael further added to his already impressive success record and expert skill set. With his strong leadership skills and training experience he developed and managed the company's sales training program and field representatives, building a massive distributor force of over 44,000 distributors throughout the United States. Michael helped Boresha exploded into an impressive 24,000 representatives in salesforce at their home office in Walnut Creek, California and obtain a coffee roasting facility in Livermore that brought in little over $22M in gross sales in 2012, topping the company's six-year sales to over 60 Million in gross revenue.. Though limited in his experience and academic background in writing contracts, he helped write and designed the front and back end of Boresha's most successful Compensation Plan. He developed the websites, wrote programs, launched product, and managed multiple teams of 10-100 people, helped train, develop, and managed over 40,000 sales people. True to his nature, Michael brought a unique combination of vision, experience, passion, multi-tasking, and dedication to all aspects of the business, making him instrumental in Boresha Internationals fast-paced market penetration and growth.

Continuing his long successful history of helping companies expand their market and sales performance and training employee to reach maximum efficiency and results, Michael's latest venture is helping emerging companies reach maximum penetration and growth in the market.

Now, as Founder, President, and CEO of Innovative Business Investment Solutions (IBIS), Michael Babcock share his 30+ years of experience and knowledge to help other entrepreneur reach their dreams. He brings more than 30 years of industry leadership, business development expertise, and executive management experience to his role with the company.

As President and CEO, Babcock leads an Executive Leadership Team focused on IBIS's vision to be one of the world's leading partnership firms for emerging businesses. Under his leadership, IBIS is delivering innovative solutions that provide value to their partners and transforms their business. "Our greatest value is the creativity, diversity,expertise and synergy we incorporate with our team, our strategy, and most importantly our partners, to drive and deliver tangible results our partners can take to the bank," says Michael Babcock.

Babcock oversees the corporate direction and strategy for IBIS global partnership development including sales, business consulting, venture capital funding, investor relations, and contract negotiations. He focuses on strategy, leadership, innovation, and partnerships. "Great ideas are a dime a dozen, but ideas backed by expertise, collaboration, commitment, drive, and passion are opportunities waiting to be successful!" says, Michael Babcock.

"The Two most Important Days in Your Life....
The Day you are Born, and the Day you find out why"

- "Mark Twain"

"Remember the Goal isn't to Live forever, the Goal is to Create Something that Will".

- "Chuck Palahniuk"

Liliana Fontes

Co-founder and Vice President

Liliana Fontes wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, where time travel is a reality, and learning a new language is as easy as pushing a red "easy" button. Like most entrepreneurs, Liliana has been a constant innovator and explorer, always looking to understand and discover new ways to express her creativity and connect with the world around her. As a starving college student working at a software company, Liliana discovered she had a natural talent for connecting with customers and using her sunny disposition to motivating them to explore new ways to expand their market or develop their brands, ideas, or products. It was then that her passion for business and innovation grew and combined with her education in communications and human nature propelled her to a career in Marketing Communications and Advertising.

While still committed to finishing her education at UC Berkeley and following her passion for psychology and communications, she also eagerly absorb as much knowledge and training as she could at work. She was quickly promoted across departments (accounting, tech support, sales) and ultimately becoming Marketing Director where she managed the company's marketing strategy, internal and external communications, brand development, event planning, website design and content creation, internal training programs, and customer support and account management. Before leaving the company, Liliana successful launched several products while seamlessly working with intellectual and creative minds, from software engineers to sales representatives, from top executives to website designers to journalists. She also designed and implemented the company's first e-commerce site, and rebranded their corporate sponsored university scholarship programs, developed their on-line training courses, and on-line learning center that greatly expanded their market.

A few years later she expanded her family, adding yet another very important role as mother to her already impressive history of accomplishments. She then served as Marketing and Business Development Consultant for LG CNS, a consulting arm for the global electronics giant LG. Liliana provided contract support in event planning, expanded business development opportunities, and developed creative/targeted corporate communications.

In March, 2010 Liliana served as Marketing Director and Event Planner at Boresha International. It was at this time that IBIS's powerful creative partnership would have its roots. While working at Boresha International, Liliana and Michael Babcock met and a wonderful friendship and partnership began. Both shared a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and vision and passion for innovative thinking and collaborating which five years later would result in the creation of IBIS.

While at Boresha International, Liliana advanced the company's marketing and branding strategies by restructuring their sales events, rebranding their marketing materials, product packaging, and training materials. Her combined efforts helped Boresha bring $22M in gross sales in 2012. She also planned and executed the company's first National Conference and highest attended event, along with four annual regional events and over a dozen reseller/referral partner marketing events that showed an increase in customer referrals and acquisitions.

After leaving Boresha International, Liliana founded a marketing consulting firm, LAF Marketing where she worked with a diverse range of industries, from Health and Wellness, to Childcare, to Food and Beverage. Not long after, Liliana partnered with Michael Babcock to launch Innovative Business Investments Solutions (IBIS) and help others entrepreneurs build their dream company.

As Co-founder and Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Communications for IBIS, Liliana is responsible for the company's Marketing Strategy, Corporate Communications, Partner Relations, Public Relations and Advertising, Brand Loyalty Programs, and Event Management.

A twenty year marketing and business relations veteran, Liliana directs all strategic marketing and performance initiatives, brand recognition and loyalty programs, overseeing operational effectiveness, talent acquisition, and leadership development.

She takes an integrated marketing and communications approach to define brands, increase recognition and customer engagement, using digital and social media to engage customers and partners on their purchasing choices and experiences.

Todd Bishop

Co-founder and Vice-President

Todd Bishop is Vice President of Strategy and Chief Operation Officer at Innovative Business Investment Solutions (IBIS). He brings to his role 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in business development and operations within fast-paced enterprises. He is sought after as a proven leader and strategist amongst many industries, to include transportation, agriculture, construction, high-rise windows and facilities maintenance.

In his role as IBIS's Vice President of Strategy and Chief Operations Officer, Todd is responsible for shaping and driving IBIS's corporate strategy, business operations, fostering strategic partnerships, and growing business development efforts.

Prior to working with IBIS, Todd served as Chief Operations Officer at Service Engineering Company, LLC (Seco), Todd provided a new facilities maintenance and service company launch, market research, branding and company naming and initial sales and market launch in Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona. Current sales are $1M+ annually. 2014-2015.

Todd also took, At Service Master Solutions, from 4M annually to over 1M per month in gross sales. Todd was President of the Reorganization and Business Development Team, overseeing 6 million square feet of construction, facilities maintenance, and janitorial services in the medical, commercial and hi-rise building markets, including Nike World Headquarters and Providence Health Services. He developed and managed warehouse and distribution processes, IT build out, employee and fleet dispatch procedures, sales and account management, accounts receivables and collections and infection control. He also developed regulated medical waste handling procedures. 2011-2015.

In addition, Todd started a hi-rise window cleaning and building maintenance company, Skyline Window Cleaning, Portland, Oregon. He is the President and Safety Officer and is a Certified Rescue Climber through SPRAT, ENSA, and IWCA. 2012-2015.

Todd provides operational consulting and business development for start-up direct selling companies in the USA, Canada and Korea, through Wealth of Health, Inc. He assists in product development and design, identifies new markets and target groups, and designs and implements sales strategies and training. He was ranked in the top 500 of income earners within the direct selling industry and assisted in managing a customer base of 170,000 distributors and customers. 2005-2015.

Todd was President and CEO of BCP, Inc., a commercial and residential concrete pumping company. He developed and managed all aspects of the corporation, including business and personnel, dispatching, equipment maintenance and operations, and business development and sales. 1998-2011.

Renee Reed

Director of Sales and Marketing

For the past 25 years Renee has been one of the most sought after trainers in the Industry of Network Marketing. During this time she has maintained a Top Platinum level in 4 separate Companies and has raised 5 amazing children.

"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be." Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Renee found inspiration in many creative ways to quench her 'thirst for life' as she worked herself through college in Michigan. She received a Marketing and Finance degree, earned a Series 7 license, went in to the Sales arena, and became a mother. Her sunny spirit stays bright and contagious by achieving personal goals, but her heart is so big that she finds more delight in helping others be successful.

She was brought-up with high values and expectations from her wonderful parents, and they had the blessing to watch her alter people's lives to be what they desired. At a younger age she knew that having a boss and 'clocking in to work' was not for her. A lesson she observed was while she helped others be successful, her success always grew higher and higher. Moreover, she is too modest to tell anyone how many awards she has won with her teams, but it is a LOT!

Medals, sky-rocketing numbers, and traveling are all a blessing to harness, however, Renee says that her biggest and best accomplishment was raising 5 incredible and talented children. They have always been raised in a networking family, very social as Renee has offered friends a room to stay in if they are in town for business and pleasure (the two are the same to Renee!). She can juggle it all; she's a mentor, leader, mother, cheerleader to all, and the best of friend! She is easy to love and fun to work with... but don't be fooled by all her marvelous charms because she expects high input for marvelous output to be commendable. There is a lot to learn from her so when you get a moment; she would love to meet you.

Greatest accomplishments : Everyone has a reason "Why?" which means why they are the first in the office and last to leave, why they work so hard, and more. But why does each person do this? Every answer is different and in fact will change over the phases of life, but she knew that her careers in finance and sales were not in her future. Renee's "Why" has been the same for the past 30 years while working- help others, make a future for her kids, and keep a zeal for life.

Now after about 25 years of experience in the Networking Marketing field, speaking in-front of thousands, being an example to others, and breaking numerous barriers to become Platinum status in 4 companies with over 80,000 people... she now craves more! So, she turns to the man who emanates success while helping people and breaking goals himself, which is her motto, which is no other than Michael Babcock. Renee is extremely excited to join the ISIB team, learn from Michael, lead others, and contribute anything possible

"Power isn't control at all--power is strength, and giving that strength to others. A leader isn't someone who forces others to make him/her stronger; a leader is someone willing to give his/her strength to others that they may have the strength to stand on their own" (Beth Revis).

Our Advisory Board

At IBIS we maintain the highest regard for quality and best practices. Our Advisory Board is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of highly respected physicians and experts selected to provide a depth and range of experience, knowledge, and guidance in their field.

President of the Medical Advisory Board


Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy
Clinical Trials - Biomedical Research

Dr. Allen is a leading Clinical & Medical Researcher, conducting cutting edge research in the fields of the Glycemic Index, Brain Glycemic Indexing™, Neural Nutrition, Switch the Brain, Switch the Game™, Thermogenesis, Obesity, Childhood Obesity, Key Codes to Adipose Tissue Fat Cells, Sickle Cell Disease, Metabolic Medicine, Growth Hormone, Anti-Aging, L-Arginine, Human Sports Performance, and Food Addictions.

As Chief of Biomedical Research at the GLYCEMIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE®, Dr. Allen heads the only Glycemic Research U.S. government Certification program in the Nation, conducting 30 years of Human In Vivo Clinical Trials for the largest food companies in the world (

The Glycemic Research Institute® is certified by the United States government, the Canadian government, and the United Kingdom governments to conduct Glycemic Research, Diabetic Research, Obesity Research, and FDA Claim substantiation for foods, beverages, Nutraceuticals, and Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Allen received the first Glycemic Patent ever awarded worldwide, the first and only Low Glycemic Fat-Burning Coffee & Tea Patent, and the discovery and Patents for safe L-Arginine, and Blind Amino Acids. Sickle Cell Patents (

Dr. Allen was named the World's Leading L-Arginine Researcher by the Sickle Cell Anaemia Organization, and addressed the United Nations General Assembly on the topic of her research in the field of L-Arginine and Sickle Cell polymorphisms.

Dr. Allen's Patents & Technology have generated over a 1 $ Billion dollars globally, and she is considered one of the most successful scientists in the world.

  • Front page of the Wall Street journal - $ 300 Million Dollar Coffee
  • "Breakthrough Product of the Year" by Success magazine
  • First Scientist to Address the United Nations General Assembly on L-Arginine (World Sickle Cell Conference)
  • Who's Who of American Inventors
  • Who's Who in Diabetes Education and Research by the American Diabetes Association
  • American Diabetes Association Council on Nutritional Science & Metabolism - -

Sports Performance Advisory Board

Athlete Performance Specialist & Manager

Jeff Krushell

Founder of Krush Performance
Personal and Team Performance Specialist

Jeff Krushell is regarded as a noted expert in the area of talent development in sport and through his work has gained unique insights into the process of improving performance... 'It's a human thing'.

Jeff is an accomplished entrepreneur in radio, television and in print where he has forged relationships with not just athletes but internationally renowned sport elitists, coaches, sport scientists, doctors, business specialist and researchers, all of who are constantly pushing the boundaries of human performance.

Over the last 20 years Jeff has worked in the world of high performance sport helping athletes tap into their potential to truly understand what it is like to achieve Human Maximum Performance. Engineering his unique blend of sport science and training techniques with the holy grail of success; 'motivation', Jeff's expertise lies in creating the next generation of top performers.

Jeff has forged relationships with athletes, Olympians and internationally renowned sport elitists; coaches, sport scientists, doctors and researchers. All of who are constantly pushing the boundaries of human performance. Jeff's message relates to all levels of human performance and is not exclusive to sport.

Host & Founder of The Krush Performance Radio Show aired on TSN 1260 Edmonton

  • Current Strength and Conditioning Consultant for Major League Baseball International
  • Current Performance Consultant for CTV, Edmonton
  • Current Strength & Conditioning Consultant for Vauxhall Baseball Academy
  • Current Performance Consultant for Link Management
  • Former Strength and Conditioning coach for the Toronto Blue Jays
  • Former Strength and Conditioning coach for the Edmonton Eskimos

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Johnny J. Di Blasi, DO

As a State Board Certified Physician, Dr. Johnny Di Blasi brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences to his advisory role as a member of IBIS's Advisory Board. He is currently the Medical Director and Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon for My MD Solutions, LLC and Healthogenics, LLC . In his role he provides educational program implementation to all physician-partners, mid-level providers, wellness technicians, and other staff members. He participates in a peer-review study involving cardio-metabolic risk factors, endothelial dysfunction, and peripheral neuropathy. In his advisory role he provides consulting on weight management and wellness treatment protocols based on patient testing and laboratory results ordered and performed within the clinics.

Prior to working with the clinics mentioned above, he was Osteopathic Resident at Rochester Regional Health System, and United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia, New York. He completed his Post-Graduate Year One in Osteopathic Family Medicine and worked at Continuity Clinic taking care of medical needs for the underserved population of outpatients.

He has also served as Physician Liaison / Educator / Team Building Facilitator at Robert W. Dail Memorial Treatment Center, in Commerce Georgia where he was an independent contractor assisting in program facilitation and management of staff and provided education about osteopathic principles and musculoskeletal manipulation as it applies to treatment of Substance Use Disorder patients.

As adjunct Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology at Athens Technical College, in Athens GA, he taught and lectured to a diverse student population, ranging from nursing to pre-medical students in the Allied Health & Life Sciences Department of an accredited college in the State of Georgia.

As a Student Osteopathic Physician he received honors in Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Nephrology, Internal Medicine/Ambulatory, Rural/Underserved Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Surgery/Sports Medicine, Family Medicine/OMM, Elective Neurosurgery, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Addiction Medicine/Substance Use Disorder Care, and Elective Neurology.

He also served in our country military as Chief Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy's Health Services Collegiate Program. His role included being a Medical Officer Liaison, Physical Readiness Leader, Navy Recruiter in the Jacksonville District, Naval Special Warfare/Special Operations Recruiter/Motivator, Zone Fitness Leader, District Physical Screening Administrator (SEAL/SWCC/Diver/EOD),Command American Heart Association BLS Instructor, Surgical Technician/Sports Medicine/Ortho Tech Corpsman, Athletic Trainer/Command Fitness Program Administrator, Inspector/Instructor Staff Corpsman/Cold Weather Training Unit, and Assault Craft Unit.