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Business planning

The key to the success of any business is operating with the right plan in place from the beginning. A solid plan will allow your business to grow and develop despite heavy competition or recessions in the marketplace. What is needed in such a plan?

A good plan will take into consideration both the goals of the business and the risks associated with it. It also considers how the business will procure resources, establish partnerships with vendors, and set quality standards for products or services.

At Innovative Business Investment Solutions (IBIS), we believe it is imperative every business is operating with a comprehensive plan. We will work with you to create a tailored plan that meets the needs of your business. Your detailed plan will include sections like ensuring you are targeting the correct market; have a competitive pricing model in place and a five to ten-year growth plan. Once the new plan is established we will also help you implement it.

Examples of strategic areas our plans cover are :

  • Business planning.
  • Setting business goals and benchmarks.
  • Defining the key target market for the business.
  • Business growth and development plans.
  • Negotiating contracts.
  • Resource procurement and vendor strategies.
  • Setting competitive pricing models.
  • Exit strategies.